Cyber Risk

Cyber Liability Practice

Arthur Hall Insurance was at the forefront of recognizing industrial change within the cyber insurance space beginning in 2014. Arthur Hall Insurance’s Cyber Practice is unique in that the focus of our expertise is dedicated to cyber risk management across all industry verticals.

We have developed customized cyber insurance coverage solutions for industry-specific issues affecting our clients.

Our team has helped develop customized proactive services centered around identifying cyber risk and reporting the preliminary incident response to insurance carriers and their partners.

The relationships we have developed with insurance carrier claims, underwriting, and product partners is a huge value add to the clients that we serve. Due to the nature of cyber risk, we have taken the steps to strengthen our outside resources in order to better position our clients from a legal, forensic, and law enforcement perspective as it relates to cyber risk.

We work closely with our clients who already have preferred partners in legal firms or forensic partners, to be proactive in our approach to prepare our clients for cyber risk.

Arthur Hall Insurance’s Cyber Risk Practice is available to assist our clients and prospective clients throughout the United States.