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Risk Management Process  

A Risk Management Process that uncovers, analyzes and mitigates your risk.

Uncovering hidden risks and addressing known exposures is central to our ability to protect you and your assets from life’s hazards and uncertainties. Our six-step risk management process, executed in close consultation with you, helps us identify your business and personal risks so we can recommend the best ways to limit or avoid them. Our in-depth approach helps ensure the right solutions and coverage at the right price.

Risk Management Process

Step 1: Exposure Identification

We begin by developing a thorough understanding of your goals and what you seek to protect. We identify your risks, often uncovering hidden exposures not previously considered.

Step 2: Risk and Coverage Analysis

We analyze your current policy, loss history and contractual requirements to determine how effectively your current risk management program is structured.

Step 3: Strategic Review

We develop a comprehensive plan that incorporates our strategic advice on where the deficiencies and redundancies exist, and the best solutions to avoid or minimize your risk.

Step 4: Carrier Selection

The selection of your insurance company partner is essential to achieving favorable results whether you are negotiating pricing, coverage terms, loss control and other services, or claim settlement. Our comprehensive roster of insurance partners allows us to align you with the most appropriate insurance provider for your specific needs.

Step 5: Recommended Solutions

We then present our program recommendations and comparative analysis and, with your approval, implement the accepted solutions and deliver the final policy review.

Step 6: Ongoing Monitoring

Our Proactive Service Agreement utilizes a written service timeline to deliver the appropriate services during the policy term.