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United Way of Delaware  

United Way of Delaware — Insurance Program

Since the late 1960s the United Way of Delaware has enjoyed the benefits of an insurance program for its member agencies. The concept was born out of the idea that numerous small to mid-sized agencies were disadvantaged, relative to the coverage and pricing they received from insurance companies. Forming a purchasing group allowed them to create significant buying power for not only broader coverage terms, but also for a more stable and competitive price. Over the years, this program has grown dramatically and now incorporates over 40 participating agencies.

While the original program only allowed full member agencies to participate, beginning in 2013, any nonprofit that receives funding from the United Way of Delaware became eligible for participation.

The participating agencies consist of small, mid-size and large agencies including telephonic referral services (helplines), senior centers, mental health services, clinics, community centers, home health agencies, boys and girls clubs, housing and shelters, child care and senior day care, along with sheltered workshops, just to name a few.

This customizable program can fit the needs of participating agencies. Over the years, we have modified the coverage offered in the program as well as coverage limits and services to meet the specific needs of the United Way of Delaware and its member agencies.

The program consists of Property & Casualty based coverage, including the following lines of protection: Property, Boiler & Machinery, Inland Marine, General Liability with separate limits for Sexual Abuse/Molestation, Professional Liability, Directors & Officers Liability, Crime, Automobile, Workers’ Compensation and Umbrella or Excess Coverage.

Over the years the group has maintained a very favorable loss ratio, allowing insurance carriers to incorporate very broad coverage extensions while maintaining a competitive and stable price. As stewards of the United Way of Delaware program, Arthur Hall Insurance maintains responsibility for program management and works with both the participating agencies and the insurance companies to achieve the most favorable results. We incorporate a variety of risk management principles in our program and help establish the appropriate policies and procedures for the agencies to follow while operating effectively within the group concept.

If you are interested in hearing more about this program and the advantages it will provide for your organization, please feel free to contact the Program Administrator, Glenn Burcham at 302-658-0100 or by email at gburcham@arthurhall.com.