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9 Mar

Insurance can protect your pandemic renovations

Consider all factors when calculating replacement cost after home renovations. If you are like millions of other people, during the pandemic you have made improvements to your property. Whether you installed a pool, remodeled rooms or finished your basement, now is a good time to check in with your independent Arthur Hall Insurance agent to ensure your homeowner coverages are still adequate. The first thing to understand is how remodeling an existing space versus adding a space affects replacement cost. REMODELING You may think coverage needs to be increased by the amount it cost to renovate a space. But during renovations, existing materials already...

22 Feb

Protect and Care for Jewelry

Have you recently added a precious heirloom or new piece of jewelry to your collection? Whether it's old or new, be sure to protect your valuables. Jewelry Care - Protect your Jewelry from Damage Damage Prevention - Store jewelry items separately in a soft cloth. Your jeweler will often have fabric pouches for this purpose. Do not twist or bend semi-rigid chains as this can cause permanent damage. • Watch Care - Replace scratched or broken crystals. Even hairline cracks can allow dust and moisture into the mechanism threatening its accuracy. Check clasps periodically. • Diamond Care - Use mild detergent or a sudsy...