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Keeping Your Home Protected  

Ten Tips to Discourage Theft

Deter burglars, protect your home and family from theft with these easy to follow tips.

  1. Lighting – keep the outside of your home well lit at night. Consider outdoor motion-sensor lights around the home’s exterior.
  1. Set timers to control interior lights to turn lights on and off when you are away. There are also a variety of light plugs that can be controlled via smartphone. Check your local hardware or home improvement store.
  2. Always keep doors and windows locked.
  3. Keep garage doors closed. A would-be thief can easily “take inventory” in an open garage.
  4. Do NOT keep a key in the deadbolt if you have a glass paneled door or glass sides. A burglar can easily break the window, reach though and unlock the door with the key you’ve left in the lock. Keep the key close but out of reach.
  5. Change up your daily routine – don’t do the same thing every day at the same time; keep thieves guessing as to when you will return.
  6. Pay attention to your trash. Break down large TV or computer boxes and recycle or put in trash container. No need to advertise your recent purchases.
  7. Be careful when allowing a service person into your home. Even if you are expecting service work, check that their vehicle looks legitimate and has a company logo; ask to see their identification before unlocking and opening the door. You can also call the company to verify a person’s ID before allowing them to enter.
  8. Talk to a trusted neighbor. Help each other by watching each other’s homes when away and share contact information. Should a situation arise, you will know how to contact each other immediately.
  9. Keep an inventory of all the things you own. In the event of a theft, an organized list will help save a lot of inconvenience. Check out the free Home Inventory app from the Insurance Information Institute. https://www.knowyourstuff.org/iii/login.html