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Press Release  

Joshua J. Isler, CIC Named New Vice President and Shareholder

Date: March 27, 2018

(March 2018)  The Board of Directors of Arthur Hall Insurance are pleased to announce that Joshua J. Isler, CIC has been named as a principal shareholder for the firm. Josh joins James Denham, Glenn Burcham, Mark Sammarone, Nicole Grebloskie, and Karen Leary as agency partner and assumes the title of Vice President. Josh began his career with Arthur Hall Insurance in 2004, returning in 2015 as a Commercial Lines Account Executive. With a continued focus on generating new business opportunities and establishing strategic business relationships, Josh has a proven track record of providing the best possible risk management solutions to his clients in both personal and commercial realms.

Josh credits those important client relationships established early in his career, clients who have placed their trust in him from the beginning, with his success in the industry. Growing a book of business from scratch is challenging in the insurance industry. Doing it successfully without the benefit of growing up in the area escalates that level of difficulty, yet Josh is not only recognized as a seasoned insurance professional but also one that earns the respect of all those with which he comes in contact.

“The industry continues to excite and challenge me,” says Josh, “and we have more to offer our clients than ever before through niche products, risk management expertise, full time claims staff and value added services. Arthur Hall Insurance is committed to caring for their clients and delivers a complete program based on the agency’s mission of serving as a trusted Advisor, Advocate, and Agent.”

“I am truly honored that Arthur Hall Insurance has offered me the opportunity to continue to grow and build relationships as a partner in a firm of this caliber.”

Josh earned a Bachelor of Science degree in both management and marketing from Eastern University. He holds the insurance industry’s premier Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC) designation recognized throughout the industry as a standard of achievement, personal dedication, and expertise. The CIC Society’s national members are required to pass rigorous undergraduate and graduate-level examinations, meet experience requirements, and agree to be bound by a strict code of professional ethics.

A strong family life is extremely important to Josh, who is married to his high school sweetheart, Daisy. Making their home in West Chester, their active family includes four young children ages two through eight. Josh is also actively involved with several local charity organizations.