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Focus on the Future as Arthur Hall Insurance Turns 50

Date: October 20, 2016

Arthur Hall Insurance Expert in Covering Clients by Looking Ahead

WEST CHESTER, Pa. – Jim Denham is a businessperson who likes to look forward – even when celebrating the golden anniversary of the firm he leads as president, Arthur Hall Insurance. An independent, full-service firm that ranks among the top 25 percent of brokers nationally, Arthur Hall Insurance is commemorating its 50th anniversary as an advisor, advocate and agent to thousands of companies, individuals and families.

“We want to help protect clients for the next 50 years,” says Denham. “That means understanding where new risks are coming from, such as cyber liability and social media, and having the right products to help our clients mitigate them. That’s the value we bring as a professional partner. We’re always looking forward, even at milestone moments like this, to help secure what matters most to the companies and individuals we serve.”

Licensed in more than 40 states and representing major national carriers, Arthur Hall Insurance provides customizable risk management services and high-quality insurance products.

“The company’s dramatic evolution has really happened within the past 10 years or so,” says Denham. “We expanded our regional footprint to include offices in Delaware and New Jersey. We made major investments in facilities, talent and continuing education, and added to our growing list of practice specialties to better serve our clients.” In addition to general commercial and personal lines of business, Arthur Hall Insurance specializes in nonprofit organizations, technology, life sciences and customized personal insurance programs.

“We’ve also really sharpened our business model, concentrating on companies and individuals who value proactive risk management and who want to work with a consultative insurance professional. We assess your risks more completely and thoroughly than anyone, and present options on the best way to manage them.” As a result of the firm’s strategic risk management approach, revenues have doubled in the last decade.


Arthur Hall Insurance offers complete risk management solutions for commercial, nonprofit and personal sectors with offices in West Chester, Pa., Hockessin, Del., and Sparta, N.J. For more information about Arthur Hall Insurance, visit arthurhall.com.