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What Determines Your Auto Insurance Rate?  

What Determines Your Auto Insurance Rate?

Although it’s commonly known that some vehicles cost more to insure than others, a number of other factors contribute to your auto insurance rate. And, if you are aware of these factors, you may be able to take steps to save on your auto insurance.

Here are some of the biggest factors that determine your auto insurance rate:

Vehicle Information

  • Cost of new vehicle
  • Vehicle repair costs
  • Safety rating and features

Driver Information

  • Your driving experience
  • Your driving record
  • How frequently you drive
  • The area in which you live

The easiest way to save on your auto insurance is to engage in safe driving practices. Also, be sure to contact us at (610) 696-2394. We can provide you with safe driving resources, and information on the most and least expensive vehicle models to insure.

Find more information on auto safety and features from the National Highway Traffic Safety Association