Protect Your Home with a Water Leak Detection Device

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15 Jun

Protect Your Home with a Water Leak Detection Device

Did you know that WATER is the #1 source of non-weather-related damage? Or that 45% of all interior damage is caused by water? That’s more than fire or burglary! Water damage is serious.

One of the newest features in protecting your home from potential water damage is the installation of a flow-based water leak detection or automatic water shut-off device.

The device monitors the flow of water throughout your home. Installed by a plumber directly onto your water line, the device will detect any unusual water activity that may be caused by a leak somewhere in your plumbing or pipes. When water activity is detected, the device will alert you via your smart phone and then shut off the water supply to help minimize any damage. This simple installation could save you thousands of dollars in repairs if water were left to flow uncontrolled in the home. Considering that $65,000 is the average interior water damage claim payout, a flow-based water shut-off device is well worth price.

Protect your home with an automatic water shut-off device. Some insurance companies may provide discounts for adding these systems in your home.

Below are a few companies that have been vetted by insurance carriers. If your plumber recommends a different system, please contact us before installation so we may confirm with your insurance carrier that they will accept this system and apply the water shut off credit. 

Leak Defense System:

Flo Logic:

Phyn Plus:

Flo by Moen:

Please have a conversation with your Arthur Hall Insurance advisor to find out more.